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Client Testimonials

As a professional football player, injuries are often a part of the game. Dr.Jheeta knowledge in sports medicine has helped me greatly in my recovery from sport related injuries. If you play hard and you hurt, then you need to visit Dr.Jheeta.

Keron Williams A professional football player

Eight time Winter Olympic medalis, and most decorated American Winter Olympic athlete of all time. I have consulted with Dr. Jheeta on many occasions regarding health and wellness concerns. His expertise has been invaluable to me. Thank you Dr. Jheeta.

Apolo Ohno Eight time Winter Olympic medalist

I have been in the CFL for nine years, all with the BC Lions. At age 33, I am a veteran in this league. For me to maintain top physical condition I have had to maintain a very disciplined nutritional regime. Dr. Jheeta and I have worked very closely together on this, including all diet, nutritional and supplemental needs. Leading by example isn't just one way to influence people, it's the only way!

#31 Dante Marsh CFL player

Dr. Jheeta, My very best wishes to you and yours for a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! I want to thank you for helping me get my life back! It is such pure joy to be able to live without constant pain, to be able to bend my knees again, to go for long walks, to walk up and down stairs without support, to be able to wear my rings again, to wear high heels again, to do yoga poses I haven't done in years, and to have the energy & desire to do these things!! I want you to know that I am very grateful for all your help. I feel very lucky that my friend recommended me to you. Well, gotta go now, I'm on my way to the gym to workout!!!!!!

Betty Osarchuk

I am very pleased to recommend Dr. R. Jheeta. A long-standing ailment and conventional treatment had caused me months of enduring severe symptoms. After a recommendation, I sought help from Dr. Jheeta. He quickly discovered the limitations of the conventional treatment and suggested other complimentary treatments to help in my recovery and overall quality of life during recovery. I found him to be knowledgeable, supportive and clear in how he explained my ailment and treatment. His treatments significantly helped my recovery. The effects of my ailment and initial conventional treatment have greatly improved, as has my overall quality of life and outlook for my recovery. Thank you Dr. Jheeta.

W. Wallis