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but once I realized how important this information was, I knew I had to make it available to everyone in my new book!

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As I began to see patients in the early years of my practise I began to see certain trends. One particular trend of concern was the lack of knowledge the average patient had about their health! This sparked the development a concept, the idea of putting your health first, and passing that knowledge on to your children, or what I call Generational Health First. At its simplest; Generational Health First is about habits - good habits and bad habits - and what we choose to do with them.

Habits are hard to break. This is equally true whether they’re good habits or bad ones. If you don’t believe me, try going without brushing your teeth for the next month. I bet you wouldn’t last a week! That’s because your parents made a healthy choice to have you brush your teeth every day, and they taught you that choice when you were so young it became second nature to you.

In almost 3 decades of private practice, I’ve seen Generational Health First in action many times. Parents take the difficult step of changing bad health habits into good ones, and then they teach those good health habits to their children, and their children grow up practicing those healthy habits as if they were second nature.

Generational Health First is a term I coined. It’s not yet a term that’s on everyone’s lips, but I hope it will be soon. And then I hope it won’t be. I hope it will be, because I think that’s what it will take for people to begin thinking about their health as a responsibility they have to themselves, and to others.

And then I hope it won’t be, because it will become so common no one will need to say it anymore. By the time our great grand children are born, I hope they won’t be talking about putting Generational Health First. I hope they won’t have to, because it will be second nature to them.