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........By Dr. Jheeta


I have spent my entire career accumulating the knowledge that helped me develop the tools in this book. The tools I have created could have a profound effect on the way you think about health. I believe these tools will help educate you about your health in a way that has never been explained before giving you confidence that you never had.

Through several simple evaluations , you will understand how healthy you really are and if needed what measures to take in order to prevent possible disease processes from happening . These evaluations provide a simple way to estimate your risk for some of the leading causes of mortality in the world today, including heart disease, diabetes, various cancers, and different stress-related disorders . The knowledge gained during these evalusations will empower you like never before to take back control of your health!In my book you will learn how to use my tools and system which includes a step by step evaluation method that will revolutionize how people take care of themselves on a preventative basis . After seeing and tendingto literally thousands of patients over the past 25 years, I have come to realize that there is a health epidemic,and it can’t be cured or resolved inside my two clinics.I have observed that most people I tended to over these past decades, had not realized, that they were actually the ones in control of their own health!