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Naturopathic Physician Dr. Jheeta, ND

Hello, my name is Dr. Raj Jheeta, ND, welcome to Richmond Naturopathic Family Clinics

I have been in private practice here in the Vancouver area for more than 26 years.

At my clinics we recognize you are an individual with health concerns, lifestyle, and family history that are unique to you. So when considering diagnosis and treatment it is paramount that we apply Naturopathic principles which recognize all these factors. To ultimately uncover the underlying causes of your health concerns and return you to optimal health!

Thomas A. Edison once said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

I would like you to know that the Doctor of the future is here, and follow these fundamentals:  

    • We are highly trained licensed professionals with an emphasis on prevention
    • We believe education is the key to true prevention
    • We apply and integrated approach to healing
    • Investing time and money in education will create the best outcome for all patients 

What to expect? When you first arrive we examine your personal and familial health history. Our objective is to always educate you about how to address your own constitutional health and well being. In Naturopathy we use various tools to support the bodies healing ability. This is based on the philosophy of Vis medicatrix naturae (literally "the healing power of nature." The majority of the time we are able to avoid the use of products or advise that could cause other health problems! This is based on the philosophy of “do no harm.” Although, on occasion we will prescribe medications that treat signs and symptoms, however, we always strive to treat the underlying cause of a disease.

At Richmond Naturopathic our objective is to teach a patient, through the use of education, evaluation and empowerment how to implement life style changes, counseling, natural nutrients, and supplements, to achieve optimal health!

We employ state of the Art diagnostic methods including blood and serum analysis to make a diagnosis. Treatments are science and evidence based, naturopathic protocols!

As most of you know allopathic or traditional medical system is structured with a specific model emphasizing treatment of conventionally diagnosed health conditions by implementing drugs to manage the signs and symptoms of a disease! For example: Have a headache? Take a painkiller. As many have already realized this system is destined for failure due to its fundamental flaw. The actual illness is most often not addressed by the management of the symptoms! And the most obvious question very rarely asked, what is the underlying cause of these symptoms? Treatments on this basis tend to be superficial and incomplete. This leaves patients with a sense of frustration, and in some cases desperation. At Richmond Naturopathic we are very familiar with these specific issues, and if this sounds like you, then we can help!

We routinely tend to patients for common conditions such as: allergy related conditions, food allergy related condition, arthritis, asthma, colitis, Crohn’s disease, IBS diabetes, heart disease, eczema, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, musculoskeletal injury, poor immune function , viral infections and many others, for the full list of services:
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To Make an appointment please call: 604-273-7753